Why we need mattress underlays?
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Mattresses provide great comfort when sleeping. In a usual installation, mattresses are laid over the bed. However when doing so..
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Why we need mattress underlays?

mattress underlaysMattresses provide great comfort when sleeping. In a usual installation, mattresses are laid over the bed. However when doing so, one has to be careful of a couple of factors that can decide the longevity of your bed –

a. The presence of screws, hinges etc. that can tear the fabric of the bed, or

b. The type of wood that can transmit significant heat on coming in contact with the mattress.


For addressing such problems, it will be best to opt for a mattress underlay. Also known as mattress protector, the mattress underlay is also a popular moisture prevention method applied on boats, caravans and seats of other vehicles. However its core utility is seen as a protective layer it creates between the wooden or iron bed and the mattress. It also helps induce better sleep and avoid pain and aches. Most underlays are built using wool; the miracle fabric that dispels heat, helps sleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning. It also provides uniform and long term support to the body and aids in absorbing moisture from perspiration in the night.


One needs to be a bit careful when handling the sensitive garments that make up the mattress underlay. Because the main component is wool or fleece, it should be kept away from harsh chemical based detergents or rough washing. Simple machine cleaning would suffice in most cases


One of the key benefits of having an underlay in between the bed and the mattress is to allow flow of air and prevent dampness and mildew from harming the mattress fabric and inner foam/coir. One other benefit is that the underlay can be converted to an overlay by laying it over the mattress in case you do not want the bed sheet or mattress to be soiled or spilled over.

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Why we need mattress underlays?

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