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How to Prevent Your Silk Bedding from Sliding Off the Bed

Silk bedding is an epitome of luxurious living. Silk is a material which is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch and extremely comfortable, and many families opt for silk bedding to enjoy these advantages. While silk bedding might present a great way to live and sleep luxuriously, silk is a smooth material which is prone to slipping and sliding without much effort. Families who use silk bedding regularly often face the problem of their bedding sliding off the bed. This is a practical problem which might give rise to discomfort and sleeping problems. There are a number of ways you can prevent your silk bedding from sliding off the bed, and here are a few you might want to consider –

  1. Use high thread count material like cotton or linen to prevent slipping. Typically, a cotton or linen sheet used in between your mattress and silk bedding will impede slipping. Another option is to sew large strips of cotton or linen at the top and bottom end of the underside of your bedding.
  2. Getting a bed frame with raised areas at both the head and the foot of the bed might help alleviate the problem. Sliding is more common if three sides of your bed are open.
  3. Make sure your bed is properly leveled and flat. Inclined beds are more conducive to slipping.
  4. Buy silk bedding which has a “dull side” that offers much more traction and is significantly less prone to slip or slide. Many manufacturers offer an option to purchase bedding with this feature.
  5. Use bed suspenders. These are grips or garters that sit at the corner of your bed and use suspended weights to hold bedding in place. Using these will guarantee that the corners of your silk bedding will be securely held, thereby preventing any slipping.
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 How to Prevent Your Silk Bedding from Sliding Off the Bed

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