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The three main reasons to choose hypoallergenic silk duvets

Silk DuvetsDo you find yourself suffering from allergies? Do you know what to look out for in the house to keep your allergies at bay? One of the most common causes of allergies lies in our bed. Just think… we spent between 6-9 hours in our beds each night. If your bed is filled with allergens, you are going to be exposed to it. Allergens can be housed in our bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases and duvets causing that constant sneeze you just can’t shake. You can start lessening your exposure to allergens by swapping your regular duvets to hypoallergenic silk ones.

Let’s have a look below at the reasons to choose hypoallergenic silk duvets.

Resistant to dust mites

Are you prone to having rashes or other forms of skin breakouts? If so, you will definitely benefit from using a hypoallergenic silk duvet. Do you know that duvets can serve as homes to dust mites? These microscopic bugs thrive on dead skin cells that people leave behind in their beddings. The problem with dust mites is they can't be eliminated by using insecticides or pesticides. It is also not advisable to use insecticides or pesticides because they can cause other more serious health problems. The safest way to avoid dust mites is by using a hypoallergenic silk duvet that can actually repel these mites.

Provides great comfort

When you switch from a regular duvet to a hypoallergenic silk one, you will instantly feel the difference. Most hypoallergenic silk duvets are lighter than regular ones and they are also smoother and softer to the touch. Therefore, this high quality bedding option won’t just improve the quality of your health, but they also give you a great night's sleep. After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like lying down in a soft, comfortable and warm silk duvet to take away all of your stress and worries.

Low maintenance

Some people think that hypoallergenic silk duvets require special care but the truth is, they are easier to maintain than regular duvets. For one, hypoallergenic silk duvets are easier to clean because they are usually lighter than regular duvets. And because they can resist dust mites, you also don't need to wash hypoallergenic silk duvets as often as regular ones. Hypoallergenic silk duvets also make it easier to set up bed, again because they are so soft and light.

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The three main reasons to choose hypoallergenic silk duvets

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