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How to Pick a Silk Doona ?

More and more people are beginning to invest in silk doonas because they offer a number of health benefits. The filling inside a silk doona is known to capture air and modify temperature, lessen bacteria that causes allergy attacks and absorb body moisture through the night so that your skin remains dry. So if you are wondering how to pick a silk doona, here are some factors you need to bear in mind.

​ Budget

Contrary to popular belief, not all silk bedding is unaffordable. While it is important to set aside a budget for your silk doona, it is equally important to browse through different varieties so you are aware of everything that is available. Visit a few stores and surf the internet extensively so you have a good idea about the silk doonas that fall within your budget before you make a final choice. Always remember to have a few options in mind in case you do not find your most preferred design.


Doonas are available with three types of filling – silk, synthetic fiber and feather. The reason why silk doonas are most sought after is that they offer a range of benefits that other doonas don’t. They regulate air that transpires inside to maintain a comfortable temperature, they ensure that dust mites and bacteria keep away so you are safe from allergic reactions and they also absorb moisture from your body so you stay comfortable through the night.


Silk doonas are available in different sizes. You should pick a doona after measuring the length, width and height of your bed so that it fits perfectly and does not look out of place. 


If you have trouble while sleeping because the temperature in your room seems to rise, try a silk doona that has less filling. These are ideal for summer as they keep you cool and absorb body moisture. On the other hand, if you feel the temperature drop when you sleep, joining two doonas will give you the right temperature. And for those who are generally comfortable while sleeping, you can opt for a silk doona with medium filling as that will assure you get quality rest through the year.

Silk doonas are largely comfortable and it is highly unlikely that you would be unsatisfied with your purchase, if you have done the necessary groundwork. Still it is recommended that you buy your doona from a reputed store that offers a guarantee of some sort, just in case you are not happy with your new purchase.

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How to Pick a Silk Doona ?

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