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Doona Care

How to care for your Silk Soul Doona

We recommend using a doona cover saving the doona from dirt and stains and air it outdoors  every month or so for a few hours.

Where the doona is badly soiled and needs washing follow these rules -

Do not wash your doona in a washing machine as it may disturb the silk layers

DO NOT Dry clean as the chemicals may damage the silk fibres.

DO NOT tumble dry or iron


  • ·        wool mix
  • ·        bleach
  • ·        strong detergents

TO wash the doona, isolate the soiled area and hand wash with cold water and a very gentle liquid detergent (a mild mix of hair shampoo and conditioner is OK).

Rinse thoroughly in a bath with the pre-mix of cold water and the detergent/shampoo using your hands and squeeze excess water by pressing the two sides together.

Keep the quilt in shape during the washing process to keep the silk fill in shape.

If rinsing is necessary, without moving the quilt, refill with fresh water and repeat the process of rinsing with clean water.

Dry flat or hang over several sections of a clothes line.

DO NOT dry near a heater.

DO NOT iron or tumble dry

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