Why we need mattress underlays?
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Guide to Buying Silk Doonas Online
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 “Having suffered with arthritis for many years I have found that the Silk Doona that I purchased recently from Silk Soul has provided relief as I sleep, it is so lightweight that it doesn’t cause any pain when it rests on aching joints as previous doonas did.” Julie – South Australia

“It took some convincing because the doona seemed too light to be warm enough, how wrong I was. It was warm without being too hot and I will never sleep under anything else” John – Victoria

“My silk doona is so luxurious, sleeping under it is like being wrapped in a soft and delicate cloud” Jackie – New South Wales

“…one thing you really notice about the silk doona is that there are no hot or cold spots because the silk is hand layered and doesn’t bunch up like other doonas” Elizabeth - Victoria

"I just wanted to let you know that I bought a doona from you a few weeks back and it is absolutely lovely. I live in Perth and Monday it was very hot and humid and Tuesday we had cold weather and thunderstorms and the doona kept me cool on Monday and warm on Tuesday. It is amazing. Thank-you so much you have a wonderful product and I will highly recommend it to my friends and family."  -  Karen Danson

We love the silk doona – really comfortable except during the hottest nights of the year, perfect size and perfect weight for our Sydney climate  It arrived very quickly and we still have not seen a better price on the internet or in discount stores.

Dan from Sydney

I have been sleeping under the "Silksoul" brand of silk Doonah for the past ten years. I would highly recommend these doonahs to anyone wanting a beautiful nights sleep! These doonahs acclimatize to body temperature, being warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Over the years I have recommended them to my friends all of whom are delighted with the product.




North Adelaide, South Australia


I have been confined to a wheelchair since birth and suffer from extremes of heat and cold. I was given the Silksoul Doonah as a present many years ago and I am addicted to it!It provides me with a lightweight and very comfortable bed cover that is easy for me to manage. I spend many hours in bed and I would never sleep under anything else. In fact I have two doonahs both of which are different densities of silk. I can highly recommend this product to anyone wanting an excellent quality Doonah.




Norwood, South Australia


We are a mature age couple, also known as "seniors"! We have been sleeping under our silk Doonah for many years now and can highly recommend them to people of all ages. They provide the best night's sleep and are comfortable and lightweight and it feels like one is snuggled up like a baby. My husband originally resisted the idea of a Doonah but since using the Silksoul Doonah he would have nothing else. We can highly recommend this fantastic product.




Northbridge, New South Wales


I have now bought 3 silk doonas from Silk Soul for myself and family.  Being asthma sufferers we find the silk excellent as it doesn't harbour dust mites.  We all think they are fabulous - so light and yet warm and comfortable.  I wouldn't have anything else now.  Also delivery was very quick and the service was the best so I am recommending Silk Soul to all my friends!  Sylvie - Brisbane


"I bought my first silk doona last year and I love it. I love it so much that I am going to be buying 2 more in the single size for my 2 kids. I have problems with over heating at night but the silk doona is light weight and regulates my temp well. I have had both wool and down doonas but the silk doona has by far been the best for us"




Gina Clark


‘I purchased one of the Silk Soul doonas in May 2012 and have found it fabulous.  I really like the fact that it is so lightweight yet still warm.  It’s also a natural product.  I’ll be buying them for my friends as ‘special’ birthday presents in the future.’








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